Most everything I try to write is what is considered “evergreen” content. That means it’s information, recipes, advice, etc. that is relevant all year long. I always want you to be able to jump on my blog for super actionable content at any point of the year.

That said, right now is an unprecedented time in our world and if you’re reading this at any point, I’ll just state that this particular post was created during the COVID-19 pandemic.

People are scared.
Losing jobs.
Kids are out of schools.
Cases of Coronavirus are growing.

And there are a million theories about how the upcoming months will unfold—many of them bleak.

So here I am, with bells on, to remind you of the incredible benefits of maintaining a positive mindset despite it all. Whether you’re reading this in real-time during COVID-19… or sometime down the road… I hope it helps you to see your life through a “half full lens” .

Health Benefits of Maintaining a Positive Mindset

  • Stress Relief
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Lower Rates of Depression and Anxiety

A few other benefits that aren’t necessarily health-related? In my experience, those that maintain positive mindsets are better leaders, have healthier relationships, better confidence and create (and keep) productive daily habits.

Heck, some medical professionals even say that staying positive adds years to your life. I like the sound of that, how about you?


6 Ways to Stay Positive

  1. Filter What You Surround Yourself With
    Listen, I don’t want to tell you who to spend your time with or what to listen to and watch, but if everything around you is negative… well, I mean… you have to expect to feed on it, right? Try to surround yourself with positive, forward-thinking people who care about uplifting one another. Secondly, while it’s important to stay informed, limiting the non-stop news feeds may be smart. Find reputable news sources, get the information you need, and then LIVE YOUR LIFE!

  2. Be Adaptable
    Studies have shown that people who are adaptable to their changing circumstances have an easier time getting through difficult situations. If you’re super rigid or structured by nature, I understand this is easier said than done but try throwing a little “go with the flow” into your life. Twenty years of life as a military wife has definitely prepared me for this!

  3. Find Reasons to Smile and Laugh
    First off, not only does laughing help to reduce stress naturally, but purposefully seeking out moments or things that bring you happiness will help you to be intentional about what you’re surrounding yourself with. It will also help you to appreciate the moments… you can’t help yourself once you’re mid-giggle fit!

  4. Practice Positive Self-Talk
    Take time to literally write out or meditate on why YOU ARE INCREDIBLE. Are you conjuring images of a cross-legged woman, “oooming” and “aaahing” as she speaks into existence how amazing she is? Well, don’t. It COULD look like that if that’s your thing… but it could also be done while driving, on a run or even giving the kids a bath. Just think about the skills and characteristics that make you, YOU.

  5. Practice Gratitude
    And while you’re at it… how about taking time to think about all of the great things and people YOU DO HAVE in your life currently. Even in the darkest of times, I think we can all agree that there are things to celebrate… and people we love to celebrate them with.

  6. Be a Positive Source In Someone Else’s Life
    If all else fails and you can’t seem to conjure up some positive juju for yourself, try doing so for someone else—and then sit back and watch what happens. When we give to and help others in need, it’s almost impossible to not be affected by their genuine gratitude and happiness. This can look like volunteering at a soup kitchen or bringing a friend flowers. It can also be as “small” as giving a compliment to a stranger or sending an uplifting text to a friend or loved one. Be a light in others… and I promise you’ll find light in yourself.