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 Mindful Mavericks Magazine Interview Feature – July 2017

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The Wellness Spotlight series at InDependent which highlights military spouses and their real-world health and wellness journeys in a Facebook live series.

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 Colorful Eats Episode 37: Finding Beauty in Miscarriage

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Barbells and Bone Broth Podcast Episode 69 with Kelsey Albers and Jennifer Vogelgesang Blake:  How to get the toxins out of your house and off your skin. 

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 The Blossom To Be Fit Show Episode 79 with Jennifer Blossom: The Reason Fitness + Healthy Choices are a NON-Negotiable

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I share my testimony of how God WORKED in the midst of 7….yes, 7 miscarriages and my journey to a passion for health and wellness today…and helping people accomplish the same! 

Plus, check out Part 2, it is filled with information about detoxing our bodies, eating whole food, using safe cleaners and detoxifying your purse. 

Featured on Nylon Magazine in the article “What To Eat (And Avoid) For Better Skin This Winter
Tips to keep in mind this holiday season”. 


I am so honored to be featured over at Minimal Domesticity! Over on the blog I outline my process for finding products that are safe and sustainable and offers recommendations for some awesome green cosmetic brands. Go check it out!

Watch the Live Video with Parijat Deshpande, High-Risk Pregnancy Expert where we chat about my story of multiple miscarriages and what I want you to know.

I talk with Sunit about living a healthier life. We discuss all the ways in which we have struggled or been inspired to go down the rabbit hole of health. Listen in as we chat about how to take the small steps to a life full of health and vitality, and all the different ways that your food and toxins in your environment might be affecting your health and even your mood.


Live Lunch Workout — come join me on Facebook Live for a fun workout!


Listen to my latest podcast with Megan Hall of  The Inspired Women Podcast. Take a listen and let me know your thoughts!


Did you catch my interview during April which was the month of the Military Child? Balance and Peace Podcast interviewed me for episode 13 where we discuss the lifestyle of the military child. Take a listen and let me know your thoughts