Hey there, friends, how ya holding up?

As I write this, we’re just through the first week of April and so for most people around the world—and definitely in the United States—it’s been almost 4 weeks PLUS of quarantine.

Some people are viewing this time with a glass full #Coronacation approach… others are starting to lost their grip on their sanity.

And let me be clear… Being stuck at home with the fam, homeschooling and going pretty much stir crazy is NOTHING compared to those who are actually battling the Coronavirus—from either the frontlines or a hospital bed.

So yes, I know we’re blessed… but still, a girl can go a little crazy all cooped up.

And that’s why I’m here today. Who knows how much longer we have until we’re allowed to pop the social distancing bubble? All I do know is that I want to help everyone reading this to find a little humor, health, and sanity in the meantime because keeping a positive mindset is key to getting through!

Start Here With Quarantine Bingo!

Quarantine bingo.

9 Ideas For Staying Healthy

  • This could easily be a recipe too but it’s such an immune-booster that I think it has to go here: My Immune-Boosting Corona Crusher Smoothie!
  • Do a daily yoga class together or alone (There are great yoga kids shows on YouTube btw!)
  • Have a family push-up contest.
  • Do a little spring cleaning (especially great to clear out the air and dust for those with allergies!)
  • Stock up on HEALTHY FOODS so you don’t fall into a snack rut of fats and sugars that only make you feel worse AND lower your immune system. NOT something you need right now.
  • With the extra time on your hands, round up your household, skincare and personal care products and see how many of them are full of toxins. Here’s a quick tip: if you can’t pronounce the ingredients, it’s PROBABLY not good for you. Here’s why this is important.
  • DRINK ALL THE WATER. Seriously, don’t stop drinking water all day long.
  • Just because your schedule is all wacky doesn’t mean your sleep schedule should be… keep your sleep routine to ensure 7+ hours a night.
  • Don’t forget about the importance of self-care. And hey, now you don’t have the excuse of “I don’t have time to focus on me!” Yes, yes, you do.

8 Ideas to Have Fun With the Family

When the homeschooling is done, close those books and have some fun! And if at all possible… get outside! That Vitamin D will do the whole family some good!

  • Stain-Glass Chalk Art
  • Water Balloon Fights (Weather pending of course!)
  • Bike Rides
  • Family Game Night
  • Cook a Meal Together
  • Movie Marathons (My family is doing the entire Marvel series!)
  • Start a Garden Together (Can be outside in the yard or in containers!)
  • Set Up an Outdoor Movie Theater

7 Recipes to Try

I’ve been cooking and baking up a storm lately… and I can’t say I hate it (and neither does my family). From lemon loafs to super comfort food bowls of Paleo chicken soup, I’m keeping busy with the help of yummy, good-for-you ingredients. Here are a few of my past and present favorites: