I feel all kinds of uncomfortable posting this, but oh well. The good stuff comes from pushing yourself outside those comfy comfort zones.  

When it comes to setting goals for myself, I usually tell my husband and that’s it. I think I don’t want to tell people for fear that I will fail … and then there will be this awkward time when I have to explain what happened and why I didn’t meet said goal. Yuck.
So goodbye, comfort zone. Hello, vulnerability. 
Beautycounter on Capitol Hill
You know how companies offer incentive trips to their employees based on performance? Usually it’s a trip to a beautiful spot where you get pampered and showered with gifts, and words like luxury and 5-star are thrown around to get everyone excited. Not gonna lie, all those things sound amazing — especially as I sit here in Alaska watching the snow fall. But that’s not what this incentive trip is about.
Beautycounter, the company I work with to spread the knowledge about the need for safer products, has offered the opportunity to take the top 2 consultants from each state in the US with them to Washington D.C. in March to urge passage of the Personal Care Products Safety Act.
This bill would give the FDA the additional authority to regulate the safety of beauty products. Most people assume the FDA is already doing this, but that is incorrect. No beauty products (except for color additives) require FDA approval before going to market. To read more about it, click here.
And even though I feel kind of sick to my stomach writing this “out loud” … this is my public declaration that I’m going for this. I WANT TO BE ONE OF THE TWO PEOPLE SELECTED FROM THE STATE OF ALASKA.
Because this is why I sucked it up, fought against all my insecurities, gave my fears the middle finger, and took the job with Beautycounter. Because I want everyone to have access to safer products.  I want people to be able to walk into any store in this country, select a soap or deodorant off the shelf, and not ever have to worry about whether or not it’s safe. And right now, that is not the case. Most products in America are filled with thousands of chemicals and possibly toxic ingredients that have never been tested for human safety or are linked to really scary conditions. 
If I lived in a state that had a greater population, I don’t think I would give this opportunity a second thought. But there’s something about living in this sparsely populated ginormous state (where there are more moose than people) that makes me feel like maybe, just MAYBE, I have a shot at this. 
I don’t need a trip to a tropical wonderland. I want THIS trip where I feel like I’m making a difference … where I’m fighting for something that not only means so much to me personally but I know will affect the health of so many people. 
So how can you help me in Operation Let’s Get Amanda to DC to Fight For Change?
In a nutshell, I earn points through product sales and expanding my team of consultants in the months of December and January. Here’s how you can help:
1. You can purchase Beautycounter products through my website. Anything helps! And if you need any guidance finding a personal care product that you need or want to try, I am happy to help you. I will do a happy dance for each lip gloss or tube of mascara purchased.  Shop my Beautycounter link here!
2. If you’ve ever given any thought to joining the Beautycounter movement as a consultant. let’s chat. I’m happy to give you all the info without any of the pressure. I promise. Because if I can’t do this with integrity then I don’t want it. There is an opportunity to have your consultant fee reimbursed and earn $200 in product credit with a qualified month in December. At risk of sounding sales-ey, it really is a great time to jump in. And the team culture has easily been the most unexpected joy of this entire journey. You can read more about the Beautycounter consultant opportunity here.
3. Share this information with anyone you think might be interested in supporting me, trying some products, or being a part of this movement. Is there someone in your life who you think could benefit from the knowledge of safer products? Tag them in a post, share it, or add them to my FB group. The more the merrier.
4. Host a FB event for me from the comfort of your home! I can jump online and do some safer beauty education for you and few of your social media friends. Or if you’re in Alaska, Texas, or Florida, let me host an informational event at your home with a few friends. You can earn up to 5 free products and 5 half off products, and everyone gets more education about safer products.
5. Sign up for my E-book for some safer beauty education! You can sign up by scrolling to the top of this page and entering in your email address. I’ll walk you through what ingredients to avoid, how to search for safer products, and which products I recommend from face moisturizer to deodorant to laundry detergent.
6. Just throw some encouraging words my way! My love language is words of affirmation, so I promise each word and happy emoji mean a lot to me. I can guarantee you I’m already second guessing myself, so bring on the positive affirmations.
I will be offering some incentives in the forms of free products and gift certificates throughout the two months, but I’ll keep those posts confined to my business page and FB group. If you want to be a part of those, you can join here: Facebook page and Facebook group. I try to focus mostly on education and less on sales, so please join if you are looking to learn a little bit more about how to seek out safer products for the sake of your health.
If you’re still reading this, my goodness. Thank you. Here’s to leaving those comfort zones in the dust.
Challenge accepted, fears revealed, fingers crossed. Game on.