Banana Chocolate Chip Bread and Muffins

Paleo Banana Chocolate Chip Bread

  Life has just seemed so heavy lately, you know? So many reminders of how broken our world truly is, and I tend to have a hard time not letting all those emotions weigh me down in my everyday life. And inevitably, I crave comfort food. Eating your feelings is totally a thing. In my…

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Gluten Free Migas – Super Fast!

  So don’t throw away that bag of tortilla chips because there are just crumbles at the bottom — save it for this quick meal! This is a dish which is synonymous with my childhood. Surprising fact about me…my sweet mama is of Mexican heritage. I inherited her dark hair, dark eyes, and lack of…

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Two heart shaped fried eggs

6 Easy Ways To Regulate Your Blood Sugar

Before we start chatting about ways to regulate your blood sugar, let’s just talk about sugar. Mmmm, sugar. When was the last time you bought sugar? You know, the pretty white crystals that you love to put in your coffee or sprinkle on top of your bowl of cereal. Yum. Just take a second to…

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Six Tips to Start Living the Real Food Life

Have you jumped on the “eat real food” bandwagon yet?  Have you thrown out your processed food?  Do you eat clean? Do you only buy organic?  Do you have a list of the Dirty Dozen on your phone?  Are you Paleo?  Have you done a Whole30?  Wait.  What??? Maybe you have already embraced a healthy,…

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