If you’ve been really trying to do the healthy living thing in 2017, please do not let Valentine’s Day be the death of those good efforts. I always feel as if Valentine’s Day centers around sugary indulgences and junk that aren’t really worth it. I mean, I enjoy chocolate just as much as any normal (and hormonal) woman. But I don’t need a cardboard heart box full of it and as big as my 4-year-old to feel loved.

Guess what? You can give (and receive!) the gifts of real food, healthy movement, and safer products. And I’ve already done the leg work for you. You’re welcome.

I’ve put together a little list of beautiful, luxurious, useful, and healthy indulgences for this Valentine’s Day. Treat yourself or give this list to a loved one or significant other … because sometimes it’s better to just tell them instead of hoping for amazingness. Circle what you want, highlight it, draw a big arrow. Leave no room for question, ladies.  It’s either that or risk getting a last minute random card and crushed box of white chocolate from the drugstore because it was all they had left.  We’ve all been there, right?

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Real Food

You guys know I’m all about real food.  So why not incorporate it into this Valentine’s Day? See if there is a restaurant nearby that specializes in real food — you can often find them with terms such as organic, natural, or farm to table.  Farm to table are my favorites, and I guarantee that your meal will be more than just food …  it will be an experience! These restaurants take such pride in their food and the preparation, and the food is always to die for.  Or if you feel like taking it on yourself, do some research and prepare your own healthy meal, whether it be Paleo/clean/organic/local/whatever.  If you take the time to really enjoy the shopping and the preparation, it really is a labor of love.
But if you’re wanting to purchase an actual gift in the real food category, this is my latest cool find. I’m super excited about this program! I was introduced to Real Plans through a friend, and I am in love with their service. If you’re totally on board with this healthy eating thing but need a little help with the planning aspect of it all, Real Plans is going to be the answer to your “ugh what am I gonna make for dinner” prayers. You get to eat healthy meals without the hassle of searching for recipes, planning each meal, or creating a shopping list. HOLLA! When you sign up, you receive healthy meals already planned out for you, a weekly shopping list, make ahead meals, and easy prep and cooking instructions to save you time and effort. You can stick to the real food life without all the research, planning, and work. Doesn’t that sound awesome? And I’ve tried some of their recipes and give them a big two thumbs up! What better Valentine’s gift to you and your family than the gift of a real food life that saves you time and effort??? Monthly and yearly subscriptions are available and you can find more info on their website.

Real Plans

If you’re more of an instant gratification kind of person, I love these healthy snack packs you can get on Amazon. Because seriously, how did we live before Amazon Prime???

Paleo Survival Pack Snack Box

Caveman Paleo Diet Snack Box

Healthy Snacks In A Box


Healthy Movement

If you’ve been wanting to try that new studio or CrossFit gym, now is the time to do it! So many places offer Valentine’s Day specials, so you can get a deal on an introductory package or even a couples deal or workshop. Check out those Pilates reformer classes, that Orange Theory Fitness that just opened, or that cool aerial studio you keep seeing on social media.
Mix things up for a change and make your workout a date night instead of the typical dinner thing…then go out a split a dessert. I mean, it is a cause for celebration and a bit of indulgence! And remember, it’s a gift so if you don’t love it, no big deal. But you tried it and got your body moving instead of just eating a bag of Dove dark chocolate hearts. (OHMYGOODNESS those are so YUM.)

And if you’re near one of our AIR® locations, check out this awesome partner acro workshop! Love is in the AIR®…check out www.airfitnow.com for locations and workshop dates?

Safer Products

I do love a good pedicure and some girly beauty products… I just like to make sure those products are safe for my body. Safer beauty is a real thing! Choose companies committed to creating quality products without so many of the known toxic chemicals found in most of our personal care products. Here are two gift sets that fit the bill: these make great gifts for wives, moms, sisters, girlfriends, and your kids’ teachers…and they’re calorie-free?
Ecocentric Mom is a monthly delivery service for moms of all stages of motherhood. They are committed to using conscious brands and products for home, health, beauty, and baby. In this limited edition collection, Ecocentric Mom has selected 5 of their favorite products that make every woman feel cared for and beautiful to create the Valentine’s Edition box. The box is seriously an amazing value, with full size natural beauty and bath products (plus a sweet organic chocolate treat available while supplies last) for a really affordable price. And the packaging is adorable! *Subscriptions are not required to take advantage of this offer!
My favorite safe nail polish brand partnered with Beautycounter to create this beautiful Valentine’s Day gift set! All of côte’s polishes are free of the major harmful ingredients often associated with nail polish, so you get all the chip-resistant, long lasting shine without sacrificing your health. And Beautycounter’s lip glosses are free of lead and other toxic chemicals found in most lip products. Package this gift set up with a gift certificate for a pedicure and you will totally make someone’s day! (Let me know if y’all need my mailing address.)
I hope this has given you guys some ideas to keep this Valentine’s Day from falling down the lame and sugary hole that so many of us find ourselves in because we didn’t just go ahead and buy something early. The Valentine’s aisle at Walgreens is a pretty sad place to be come 5pm on the actual holiday. And the only cards left are so stinkin’ expensive! What is that about anyway???? Do not buy me a $10 card … put that money towards one of these gifts, please.

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