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Hey there, I’m Amanda!

After years of infertility, multiple miscarriage, and a bunch of other health issues, I was called to live a healthier life with real food, healthy movement, and safer products. Now I get to help others through my work here on My Well Balanced Life as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Pilates Master Trainer, and Executive Director with Beautycounter.

So happy you’re here to learn more about Beautycounter and the importance of safer products. It has been a HUGE piece of the puzzle to restoring my health, and now I get to spread the word to all of you. Let’s get to it!


Welcome, Product Aficionado!

I’m thrilled to know there are other people like me who love all the things! TBH, I spent years wasting money on safer products that just didn’t work, which is why Beautycounter was a total game changer for me. There is such thing as safer beauty that is also high performing! But don’t just take my word for it, check out this great info that shows you how Beautycounter products stand up to those in the entire beauty industry. And I may have thrown in a few education resources, too. I just can’t help myself.

  • Since I know you love a good makeup tutorial, follow Beautycounter on Facebook and Instagram. Christy Coleman, your Beautycounter superhero, pops on fairly often with tutorials on BC’s makeup. You can also follow Christy on Instagram here — you will love her and she also gives a glimpse into her time in the lab creating the newest products and shades.
  • Beautycounter is always keeping up (and sometimes they’re actually ahead of) the latest and greatest beauty trends. Whether it’s using bakuchiol as a safer version of retinol or launching its newest Vitamin C serum, Beautycounter doesn’t let its commitment to safety hold it back from what’s going on in the global beauty industry. You definitely want to check out Beautycounter’s best sellers here!
  • Hollywood is totally jumping on the clean beauty train, and we love it! Christy is often seen creating beautiful looks for well known stars to include Connie Britton, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Brooklyn Decker. But it doesn’t stop with Christy — Beautycounter routinely makes all the big red carpets these days. You will see all the celebrities wearing our makeup featured on Beautycounter’s IG! Pop over to Instagram to see Gabrielle Union and Heidi Klum rocking Beautycounter from this year’s Oscars.

—-> And just as a side note, Product Aficionados make pretty incredible Beautycounter consultants. We need more people educating about the need for safer products, and we definitely need voices who can honestly say that clean beauty really can be high performing! Think of all the people you know who trust your recommendations … and also need to know how the products we put on our skin have an effect on our health. You can read more about the Beautycounter consultant opportunity here. It has honestly been the biggest surprise blessing to my life, both personally and professionally. You might just be one of these FEARLESS LEADERS, waiting to make her mark on the world … one lipstick at a time.


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Guide for switching to safer beauty products

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Thanks so much for taking that fun quiz and hanging out with me! I hope this page is a great resource for you as you navigate the world of safer products and all that Beautycounter has to offer.



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