Testimonials | What Clients Say About Working With Amanda

This is the part where I had to ask my clients and students to send me their thoughts about how great they think I am … because that’s not awkward at all. Nope.

But, I do know that hearing other people’s experiences of working with me are incredibly valuable to anyone poking around on this website. Stalk away! Hopefully this makes your research a bit easier for you 🙂


“I’m so thankful to know Amanda and have the chance to work with her to improve my health. Her warmth, compassion, and knowledge are so reassuring and helped me feel more powerful in my body’s ability to heal and improve. She is whip-smart but also connects to people on a kind, human level. Her deep love of wellness, nutrition, and good health are obvious in what she does personally and professionally, but she is able to mix those passions with humor and the ability to connect with people on a real level. She gave me realistic recommendations and was very patient as I asked many questions to better understand her suggestions. I’m very grateful for her help!”–Cassidy C.

“Amanda’s recipes are the only ones in my life that I’ve consistently made for years. Because they’re that yummy, easy, and food for me. And I have learned so much the last four years about what’s in my beauty products, or what’s not in them.” — Brenna E.

“Amanda was my Pilates instructor for more than four years.  She was an amazing and well trained teacher who always paid close detail to my personal needs.  I was impressed by Amanda’s knowledge of the body and how she used Pilates to improve my total life goals. She cleverly designed my workout around my specific weaknesses and my trouble spots but managed to make it seem like fun. The thing I loved the most was that Amanda gave me so much more than a professional and challenging workout; she was my friend, my therapist, my health advisor and personal trainer all rolled up into one.  You’ll find that she is pretty remarkable in every way.”–Tonie B.

“Amanda has an easy going approach to fitness and nutrition that helps you feel at ease around her. She’s quick to encourage you and she inspires you with her own journey towards health and wellness. I began with her at a very low point in my health. I was severely overweight and had a completely sedentary lifestyle. She helped get me started in the right direction and has been with me every step of the way. I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety, muscle pain and my weight, and she always helps me process through my issues to help me find the right path. I’m so thankful for her knowledge, enthusiasm, and her willingness to help. She truly is gifted at what she does.”–Kim N.

“I met Amanda about 13 years ago when I took my very first Pilates session. I was immediately hooked. It was not long after that I got my Pilates Mat certification. Fast forward a few years later and Amanda is brought back into my life, thanks to the US Air Force, and she is training me on the Reformer, Cadillac and Wunda Chair. I love Pilates. But I truly believe that Amanda Koch and her style of teaching and knowledge made me love Pilates. She teaches with such an ease that anyone at any level is comfortable in her class and wants to come back. She challenges you in such a way that you start to believe in yourself. She may not know this, but she was born a teacher. She has such a gift and I am truly grateful that our paths crossed and I was able to learn from THE BEST. I get to not only call her my mentor, instructor, at one time BOSS (which she loved), but also my dear friend. I hope to one day be half the Pilates instructor that Amanda Koch modeled before me.”–Casey C.

“So I got a travel mat, and I use it to workout in Africa. And because of your FB live videos, I sit on it and practice my posture for at least five minutes a day. And my travel partner started doing the same! I’m a little posture evangelist. And I try to sit up straight when I’m recording at the computer. i’m also using my charcoal mask and my cleansing balm! Just trying to stay healthy overseas.” — Brenna E.

“What a treat it has been to have Amanda in my life! Literally…her desserts and other recipes have crossed the worlds of being fast and easy to prepare with healthier food choices! I love that when I go to make one of her recipes, I know I won’t spend forever in the kitchen or at the store tracking down obscure ingredients. Her lifestyle tips help us all live a healthier life without feeling like we aren’t living. Amanda not only introduced me to Beautycounter and safer products, but has been an encouraging, inspiring, giving and fun mentor to me as I build my own business, educating others on the need for more change in the personal care products industry.” —Wylisha R.

“Oh Amanda. Where do I start? You’ve helped me for so many years with so many issues. You’ve taught me about moving my body and fueling myself in a healthy manner. You literally held my hand through my first Whole30 and told me on day 13 that it wasn’t worth killing anyone. Then. When my world fell apart you set me up with tools for my rock bottom depression and uncontrollable anxiety. You still text “you ok” weekly and it helps me more than you know. But the best gift you’ve taught me is that balance is everything. 80/20 or maybe even 70/30 is life.” — Kim N.

“I met Amanda Koch 12 years ago when I took my first Reformer class from her and fell in love with the Pilates method of exercise.  I tell her she has ruined me!  Ruined me because she is simply the best teacher/instructor/trainer you could ask for and now only the best will do for me!   Since that first private reformer session 12 years ago, I have taken numerous reformer and mat classes from her over the years in both private and group settings. She is also a teacher-trainer and recently I took a 6 day classroom instruction session from her towards my own Pilates Mat certification. She is incredibly knowledgeable, articulate, motivating, and really makes you feel comfortable performing and understanding the exercises. She consistently puts in time for her own professional development and it shows. I am lucky to have been able to experience the depth of her knowledge during the recent classroom session.  In addition to her Pilates expertise, she is an awesome person you will be glad to know.  She truly is the best and has my highest recommendation.”–Mary N.

“Amanda has trained me and continues to inspire me with her wealth of knowledge in Pilates. I’m honored to say that she taught me everything I know about Pilates. I took my first class from her after the birth of my third child. It wasn’t long after that, I decided to become an instructor myself. She helped me understand what core strength is and how to achieve it. She instills in her students and clients a love for what this repertoire can do for mind and body. Her love for Pilates and health is exuded in her daily lifestyle. She is an excellent resource and mentor.”–Rhonda T.

“Here’s the thing about Amanda’s recipes…they’re delicious! They’re so delicious that people I make them for think that I’ve actually worked hard, but that’s also the thing…they’re soooo easy! Easy and delicious-my favorite! Thank you!” — Wylisha R.

“I had the good fortune to be Amanda’s student twice a week for almost a year.  Not only is her teaching style refreshing, her knowledge of proper form and body alignment  is superior.  I was so impressed with her teaching skills, I spent 6 days with Amanda  in an intensive PSC Pilates Instructor Training Course.  Even though she is no longer my teacher, Amanda has equipped me with the tools necessary to participate in any pilates class with  confidence that I know and understand the particular exercise, which muscles are involved and how to modify, if necessary.   I can honestly say that as a direct result of my training with Amanda, I am much stronger and have fewer aches and pains.”–Lindy B.

“You have helped make me more aware of what is in the products I was using. I have switched fabric softener for wool balls, started probiotics for myself and the kids, changed hand soap, bath soap, shampoo etc. I am using the Beautycounter concealer which I love, Dew Skin, lip conditioner and lipstick. And I love reading your blog posts and recipes.” — Kristen B.

“Several years ago I met Amanda and started taking Pilates in Panama City, FL. Before I started, I thought that Pilates would never be much exercise and stay healthy. At this time I was running 3-5 miles about 4-5 times per week. While not actively looking to lose weight, I have always had to be careful with eating and also exercising on a regular basis. Once I tried Pilates, I absolutely loved it! Amanda is a fantastic teacher and I so enjoyed every minute. One of my favorite parts having Amanda teach me was no matter what body part ached, she always had a great stretching solution and how to work that part (or not work it if that was needed). She has a vast knowledge of Pilates, exercises and nutrition along with supplement knowledge. Pilates was excellent for stretching my muscles to help me be a better runner and avoid injuries. I miss her lots.”–Carla T.

“You offered excellent recommendations for my teenage son who was dealing with acid reflux. When the doc said over the counter meds (to reduce stomach acid) were the only answer, I knew there had to be a better way.  Amanda to the rescue! You taught us the answer is actually to increase the acid! You gave us the tools to do it and he’s not had a problem since! Thank you!!” — Christy W.

“Amanda has taught me so much as a client, as a student, and as a friend. She is knowledgeable, offers incredibly challenging classes, and has an uncanny ability to pass along her love of Pilates to everyone she meets. Both traditional and innovative, her sessions offer something for everyone.  As a Master Trainer, she equips her students with the philosophies and tools to succeed! I thank her from the bottom of my core (and heart, of course) for everything she has taught me.”–Tracy M.

“HUGE fan of Beautycounter lipstick and honestly need to dive deeper into other products. You also inspire me daily through your personal posts and wellness posts. And your recipes posted on the blog are always something I look forward to! I especially love it when you test pumpkin related recipies and post them. Muffins and cookies are my love language. And I like to follow them up with a wellness post so I can work off what I have baked and consumed. You are a beautiful mentor and share so much about what has worked with you to motivate others. You remind us that small steps are huge leaps and to keep going. I just wish you loved closer so you could kick my butt in one of your awesome workouts.” — Diane N.