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Real Food

Real food tastes real good, I promise! Let’s restore our bodies back to optimal function through the power of real food that’s properly prepared and nutrient dense. Click here for recipes, real food tips, and ways to connect with me for nutritional counseling.

Safer Products

Your skin is your largest organ! The products we use on our bodies and in our homes can have a profound effect on our health. Click here to learn how to navigate the world of safer products with education, product recommendations, and tips for making realistic changes.

Healthy Movement

Exercise is imperative for good health! Finding ways to move your body in ways that encourage proper form and alignment will greatly improve your quality of life. Click here for fitness tips, improved posture tricks, and soon-to-come short fitness videos.

Rules I live by

Pilates & Barre Master Trainer,

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner,

Executive Director with Beautycounter,

retired military wife, and mother

of two VERY energetic boys.

Healthy living doesn’t need to be complicated.

The goal is progress, not perfection.

Small steps add up to BIG change.

Wellness is not one size fits all.

Grace is required.