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Hey there, I’m Amanda!

After years of infertility, multiple miscarriage, and a bunch of other health issues, I was called to live a healthier life with real food, healthy movement, and safer products. Now I get to help others through my work here on My Well Balanced Life as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Pilates Master Trainer, and Executive Director with Beautycounter.

So happy you’re here to learn more about Beautycounter and the importance of safer products. It has been a HUGE piece of the puzzle to restoring my health, and now I get to spread the word to all of you. Let’s get to it!


Welcome, Savvy Spenders!

First of all, my brain works just like yours — I’m ALWAYS trying to figure out how to get the best deal! Paying full price just makes me sad, especially when it comes to online purchases. So you are in the right place because I’m going to give you all the tips and tricks on how to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to Beautycounter purchases. Trust me, I get it … when I made the decision to switch to safer I knew I had to be smart about it. As much as I wanted to throw everything away and start all over, that just wasn’t a financially wise approach. So let’s get to the good stuff, shall we?

  • First of all, make sure to prioritize your safer beauty swaps. When you run out of something, replace it with a safer option. Also consider giving priority to the things that stay on your skin the longest, such as lotions, foundations, sunscreen, etc. These are things I cover in my Beautycounter emails and my Safer Beauty Product ebook, both of which are linked below!
  • Beautycounter’s products are of high quality (no cheap fillers), which means a little goes a long way. If you run out of anything quickly, there’s a good chance you are using too much product. Reach out to me if you have any questions about that.
  • Beautycounter’s products are comparable to those of ones you find in Sephora or department stores. While they are not cheap, they are competitively priced. Keep in mind that Beautycounter pays out of pocket to ensure safety measures which are not required by law. Check out BC’s Ingredient Selection Process to understand the extent of their commitment to ensure its products are as safe as possible for our health.
  • The most effective way to save money on your Beautycounter purchases is to become a Band of Beauty member. Before you start having flashbacks of that gym membership that sucked you dry or that time you got stuck with an undisclosed autoship, let me be very clear — Band of Beauty is strictly a rewards program. There are no required purchases and no autoship EVER. Beautycounter doesn’t even have an autoship feature. For a yearly price of $29, you get a free gift at sign up when you order $50 of product, free shipping on all orders of $100 or more, 10% product credit on every order with a 90-day expiration, and exclusive member perks. It is a NO BRAINER, especially for a savvy spender such as yourself. You can read about the Band of Beauty program here!
  • Definitely check out the regimens, collections, and bundled sets for bigger savings. For example, Beautycounter’s Flawless in Five set contains 6 customizable makeup items which are bundled for the perfect daily look at a discounted price. Not only do you save $40 by purchasing the set instead of individual items, but you could also get free shipping and $15 of product credit towards a future purchase as a Band of Beauty member. And as I mentioned before, these products should last a long time, around 3-4 months with daily use. That means you are paying about $1.67 a day for a full face of safer makeup. That’s a steal!
  • New clients to Beautycounter can get 10% off their first order by signing up for Beautycounter emails. Just head over to the Beautycounter website, click on the banner at the top, enter your email, and you will receive a promo code via email. Just enter it upon checkout to redeem.
  • One of the best ways to score a lot of products for a crazy low price is to host a Beautycounter pop-up, either in-person or online. All you have to do it pick a date and time, invite a few friends, and I will do all the work. Whether we focus on safer beauty education, have a spa night, or do a mother/daughter event, I guarantee these are fun, inspiring, and completely low-key. As a hostess, you have the possibility or earning up to 5 free products and 5 half-off products. So not only do you get to have a fun event, but your community gets to learn about Beautycounter and you save so much on your own purchase. And just a note, please don’t worry about anyone getting pestered for orders or hounded EVER — my integrity as a small business owner is incredibly important to me and I have strict policies about respecting people’s privacy. Read more about hosting a Beautycounter Pop-up here, and reach out to me so we can figure out the best option for you.

Click here to learn about 3 Ways to Get Involved With Beautycounter.

Beautycounter consultant opportunity

—-> And just as a side note, Savvy Spenders make pretty incredible Beautycounter consultants. First of all, it’s the best way to save money on your purchases because consultants always get a 25% discount, plus greater savings on new product launches. And you can earn 25-35% commission on any sales you make by sharing Beautycounter with your community. Let’s face it — we need more people educating about the need for safer products, and Beautycounter is the leader in the clean beauty space for a reason. You can read more about the Beautycounter consultant opportunity here. It has honestly been the biggest surprise blessing to my life, both personally and professionally. You might just be one of these FEARLESS LEADERS, waiting to make her mark on the world … while saving money at the same time.

—-> Please make sure to sign up for my Beautycounter email list here! Not only will you get the scoop from me on what products I love and how to invest wisely, but I love my clients and treat them with special perks and offers. Your support of my small business means the world to me and helps me keep My Well Balanced Life thriving. I’m incredibly grateful for each of you.

Guide for switching to safer beauty products

And lastly, I encourage you to check out my ebook to help you implement the safer product lifestyle into your own home.

Since you took the time to take my quiz, I’m giving you a HUGE discount — over 50% off!

—->Click here to get access to the Safer Beauty Product Blueprint!

Thanks so much for taking that fun quiz and hanging out with me! I hope this page is a great resource for you as you navigate the world of safer products and all that Beautycounter has to offer.



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