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I’ve been a Beautycounter consultant for almost 4 years now, and it’s still the best unexpected business opportunity I’ve ever come across. I signed up on a whim, thinking it was just another affiliate program. Not only has the opportunity given me a financial freedom I’ve never experienced before, it’s given me an incredible platform to add to my wellness business, education that has changed my health for the better, and an amazing community of like minded people that has become an integral part of my life.

That’s a lot of gushing, am I right? It’s all true, I promise.

I’m glad you’re here! These are just a few things that people always want to know about the Beautycounter opportunity before making the decision to join. Read over them and shoot me a note if you have any questions. I’m happy to chat with you further to determine if Beautycounter is a good fit for you. So let’s get to it!


How much does it cost to join?

An enrollment kit is required to become a consultant, and at the moment there are two options available. The standard enrollment kit is $98 and includes two of Beautycounter’s hero products (currently the Overnight Resurfacing Peel and a Lip intense Lipstick), your personal website, access to Behind the Counter training materials, a set of Look Books, a tote bag, a makeup pouch, marketing materials, and a 25% discount on all products. Due to the current craziness of our world, Beautycounter is also offering a digital enrollment for $50, where you get your personal website, access to Behind the Counter training materials, and a 25% discount on all products. Keep in mind that you also have access to special starter sets and booster kits which are only available at signup and have a deeper discount (around 40-45%). I’m still mad at myself for not buying a starter set! It’s a great way to get so many products for a huge discount.


Is there a monthly minimum that I have to hit?

Short answer? NO. You are never required to sell or purchase any specific amount each month, However, in order to remain an active consultant, you must accumulate 1250 in business volume over a 6-month period. This amount can come from your own purchases (remember you get a 25% discount) and any sales you make.


What happens if I don’t meet the 6-month minimum?

First of all, literally everyone panics about this (me included!) … and then ends up getting there much faster than they anticipate. But if for some reason you don’t get the 1250, all that happens is you would be bumped back to Band of Beauty status. This is our membership program that allows you perks as a frequent buyer. You don’t owe money to Beautycounter or have to send anything back, so please don’t worry! And you can sign right back up the next day if you want, no questions asked.


Do I have to make a personal purchase each month to get paid?

Wait, what? I get this question a lot, and it surprises me. I didn’t know that some companies require this! But no, we do not have to buy anything to get paid. If you sell a $25 lipstick, then you get paid your commission. You are never forced to buy things you don’t want or need.


How much can I make as a Beautycounter consultant?

Well, this is really up to you! If you make the decision to build a business with the goal of bringing in significant income, then you have the potential to earn quite a bit. But if you treat it as a hobby or don’t put the time and effort into it, the return will be minimal. However, it truly depends on your own personal goals. If it’s just a small hobby so you can get the discount and share it with a few friends, that’s great. If you want to go all in and work towards a 6-figure income, that awesome, too. In a nutshell, consultants make 25-35% commission on each sale made through their personal links plus up to 9% of sales that people in their downline generate. If you do decide to join, make sure to connect with your mentor as soon as possible to create an action plan to get you where you want to be. There is huge potential to earn significant income with Beautycounter — more than I ever could have imagined.

*Please bear in mind that earnings with Beautycounter may vary significantly, they depend on many factors, and not all Consultants will earn money. Relevant factors include each Consultant’s time dedicated to selling/mentoring and their unique circumstances. To see more about the earnings and costs of Beautycounter Consultants, please view the 2019 Income Disclosure Statement at In 2019, the average Beautycounter Consultant earned $2,060 in the U.S before expenses. In Canada, the typical Consultant earned between $0 and $1,000, excluding income from retail sales of products.


Is Beautycounter a MLM?

Ahhh, the big question! The simple answer is yes, but please take a minute to understand this is just one aspect of the company. Beautycounter is a direct sales business that sells its products through multiple channels — independent consultants, the main website, strategic partnerships (Goop, Target, Sephora), and select pop-up shops and stores. As an independent consultant, you earn commission from every sale made through your link. You also have the option of building a team of consultants, which allows you to earn a commission off of their sales as well. Please note that recruiting a team is NEVER required, but it is a way to boost your income significantly. Even if the thought of building a team is a hard no for you right now, I always encourage people to keep an open mind about it. I said I never would, and then hear I am 4 years later with a team of almost 150 people. It’s made the business so much more rewarding and fun to do it with a community of like-minded individuals! 


Do I have to spam my friends and followers? I’m nervous about coming off as “one of those people” …

We all have negative experiences with people who have run their businesses in a way that turns people off. Let Beautycounter’s education, mission, and advocacy work be the focus of your communication, and you will always win. Everyone uses personal care products, so inspire them to use safer alternatives! 


How do I know if Beautycounter is a good fit for me? 

If you are interested in bringing in some extra income and you care about Beautycounter’s mission, health and wellness in general, or just love beauty products, you’re probably a good fit! And if you enjoy sharing about things you love with other people, then you will probably love it. I’m happy to chat with you if want to hash out your thoughts, it’s definitely helpful to talk with someone who knows the business really well. I always recommend giving it a try if you’re even the slightest bit interested — there is no risk and absolutely nothing happens if you decide it’s not for you. You are bumped to Beautycounter’s membership status and don’t owe anything back to the company. Think of it as a 6-month trial period!


Do you have any other advice?

Yes! Two big things I want to add as you’re contemplating jumping into this business. One, choose your mentor wisely. A mentor is a person that you sign up under and ultimately makes commission off of your business. While some people may immediately associate this with something negative, that is definitely not the case! A good mentor will be the ultimate resource for you as you build your business, provide endless amounts of support and answers, and be your biggest cheerleader. Don’t take this decision lightly — find someone that you have a great rapport with so you can communicate openly and honestly. You are going to spend a lot of time with this person, whether in person or virtually, so make sure he or she is a good fit for you. And my last piece of advice is to just keep an open mind about all of it. Be open to all the possibilities because oftentimes the good stuff comes from the most unexpected places!


You can read more about the Beautycounter business opportunity here! 

I would love to have you join my team if you feel ready to jump in now. I’m here to help you run your business on your terms, not pressure you or make you do things that make you uneasy or uncomfortable. Because that’s no fun for anyone! After you sign up, we will connect to clarify your goals and make sure I provide the support that you need and want.


Hopefully this has answered a lot of questions for you! As I stated at the beginning, Beautycounter has been a huge blessing in my life and has surprised me in so many ways. Please shoot me an email if you want to chat more about this opportunity and how it can work for you. I will always be honest with you about everything and no topic is off the table. Let’s chat!

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