Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day

The Reality of Pregnancy Loss on Repeat

  So October 15th is Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day. I always forget about it until I see it on social media. I have been pregnant nine times. The first and the last resulted in those smiley, happy, beautiful boys in my pictures … the boys who are eight years apart in age. But there were…

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colorful eats podcast episode with Amanda

Finding Beauty in Miscarriage – Colorful Eats Podcast

Life is funny and kinda perfect sometimes, you know? I met Caroline Potter over Black Friday weekend when I finally got over myself and joined the Beautycounter mission after putting it off for months. Little did I know that my decision would lead to the sweetest of friendships! Caroline is a fellow military spouse, nutritional therapist,…

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Rainbow Babies and Fading Scars

My baby boy turned four years old a couple of weeks ago.  We celebrated with a Paw Patrol cake, and he ripped open his presents which included a mechanized race car track and lots of matchbox cars.  He ate too much sugar, bounced off the walls, then passed out.  Just your typical story for a…

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