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Creating a Killer Daily Routine

Think structure is the killer of creativity, freedom, and fun? Think again!

Turns out that adhering to a daily routine not only sets you up for ALL of that… but also makes you more successful, focused and organized at the same time.

And if you ask me, that spells H-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S!

It’s not just any daily routine though —–> You need a killer routine that gets the day started right and keeps you motivated all day long. Lucky for you, I took pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, you know what I mean) to hash out some of my can’t skip to-do’s that keep me on track each day.

Start Your Killer Daily Routine

Daily Routine Tips For the Morning…

  1. Give Yourself Alone Time In the Morning
    This time could be used stretching, journaling, reading a devotional, working out or simply drinking your coffee in peace. The point is to have quiet alone time before the chaos of the morning—and all the busy family craziness —begin.
  2. Don’t Reach Straight For Electronics
    NOPE. Reaching for your phone to check social media or emails first thing in the morning is NOT necessary—and has actually been linked to higher feelings of anxiety and unhappiness. 
  3. Drink a Glass of Lemon Water
    A glass of warm lemon water in the morning will stimulate the digestive system. Want to kick it up a notch? Add turmeric and a little cayenne for good measure!
  4. Set Your Intentions For the Day
    Jot down what needs to happen THAT DAY. This isn’t your big-picture goals (like we talked about here(hyperlink)) but smaller, obtainable daily goals, ie: grocery shopping, bill paying, barre class, etc.
  5. Eat a Healthy Breakfast
    PERIOD. You NEED to eat a healthy breakfast. My go-to is bacon and eggs. If that doesn’t fit your fancy, keep testing new items until you find something you love to get the day going! And make sure your breakfast has a good mix of protein and healthy fats.

Daily Routine Tips For the Afternoon...

  1. Stretch For 10 Minutes
    When’s the last time you actually stopped to stretch? Get up from your chair, give yourself a little room and take a few leisurely stretches in all directions. Don’t forget your neck—the non-stop cell phone scrolling does a doozy to our neck and shoulder muscles. Plus, stretching is actually connected to longevity!
  2. Eat a Protein-Focused Meal
    Protein keeps us fuller longer so a protein-packed lunch is just what you need to get through any midday ruts.
  3. Check-In With Your Water Consumption
    Remember, the goal is your body weight divided in half! Plus if you drink caffeine, you need to add additional water to make up for that dehydrating coffee. Set timers on your phone if you need help achieving this.
  4. Take a Walk Outside
    Nature gives us a dose of vitamin D that re-energizes our spirits! Seriously, time outside is associated with all sorts of good things when it comes to our health.
  5. Assess Your To-Do’s
    Take some time to check back in with your list to ensure you’re staying on track. Don’t use this as a time to get down on yourself if you’re not quite as accomplished as you had hoped ….. after all this is real life. This is about accountability, not judgment. Flexibility and grace are required!

Daily Routine Tips For the Morning…

  1. Take 10 Minutes to Meditate or Decompress From the Day
    Whether you’re coming home from a long day at work or your spouse has just come home to help wrangle the kids, allow yourself 10 minutes to step aside to decompress. Don’t forget to encourage your partner to take advantage of these same options. You will be amazed at how refreshing this little act can be!
  2. Eat a Smaller, Balanced Dinner
    We tend to eat larger meals—often only a couple of hours before we head to bed—and this can wreak havoc on our digestive systems. Instead, aim for smaller portions, at least 3-4 hours before bed. It’s way easier than you think.
  3. Wash Your Face
    Seriously, go wash it. Man or woman, dirt or makeup, sweat or nothing (you think). Just go wash the day off of you. Do you know how many times a day you touch your own face??? This seriously needs to happen EVERY. NIGHT. I recommend this Countertime Lipid Defense Cleansing Oil!
  4. Set Electronics Aside ONE HOUR Before Bed
    DO.NOT.LOOK.AT.YOUR.PHONE.RIGHT.BEFORE.BED <<—- Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.
  5. Embrace a Relaxing Pre-Bedtime Routine
    Decide what this looks like for you and play around with it until something really FITS. Some people love to drink a calming tea, others play soulful music. I’ve even heard of people dipping their feet in warm water before bed. The point is to help you prepare to drift into an easy slumber for the next 7+ hours! For me, I ALWAYS read at night. It settles my mind and it’s been my thing for too many years to count.

Bonus Tips…

Your Daily Routine Detox List

  1. Warm Lemon Water in the Mornings (Before ANYTHING else!)
  2. Coconut Oil pulling for oral health 
  3. Green Smoothies (Find my favorite one here!)
  4. Chlorophyll Water
  5. Sweating! (30 minutes a day does the body GREAT!)
  6. Detox Bath
  7. Dry Brushing
  8. Rebounding for Lymphatic Cleansing 
I’m Amanda! 

I’m a Pilates & Barre Master Trainer, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Executive Director with Beautycounter, recently retired military wife, and mother of two very energetic boys.

I’ve given up the unrealistic notion of being awesome at everything and embraced the idea of just keeping the important stuff well balanced.

My life is not nearly as cool as my Pinterest boards, you guys. But I do try to live a healthy life and make better choices for my family. If you have any interest in doing the same, please stick around!