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Making the Switch to Safer Deodorant

You know what’s funny? Switching to safer deodorant was the very first safer product swap I ever made. I think I read something about the dangers of antiperspirants and aluminum, so I started using a natural deodorant. Now did it do the job? Not really. But I kinda gave up on finding a natural deodorant that worked AND kept me from smelling like a goat.

Primally Pure

But, I found two that really, truly work. And I also figured out a few other things that contribute to smelling nice and clean despite the sweating that occurs during exercise and living in hot climates.

Before I get to my product recommendations, let’s take a second to chat about the importance of switching to safer deodorant.

Let’s think about WHERE we put that deodorant — right on the thin skin of our underarms near all of those important lymph nodes. As I’ve said before, our skin is our largest organ and absorbs everything we put on it … eventually making its way into our bloodstreams. And deodorant is one of those items that pretty much ALL of us wear daily, maybe with multiple applications throughout the day. And because the armpit area contains so many lymph nodes, these chemicals can enter the lymphatic system as well. Our lymph has the important job of removing waste from our bodies (I recommend rebounding for the most effective form of lymphatic cleansing!), so let’s choose deodorants that aren’t full of toxins which require our lymphatic systems to work even harder.

Two important things:

  1. Conventional deodorants are full of nasty chemicals which can cause hormonal imbalances and disruption, including parabens, phthalates, fragrance, and triclosan. In addition, most antiperspirants contain aluminum, which is linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s.
  2. We are supposed to sweat! Suppressing the act of perspiration can really interfere with the body’s ability to detox properly. Our bodies were designed with the amazing ability to sweat in order to cool the body off and detox from toxins. So stick with deodorant, not antiperspirant.

Okay, let’s get to the good stuff!

Primally Pure Charcoal Deodorant

— My two deodorants of choice are Beautycounter’s Clean Deo and Primally Pure’s Deodorant. My favorite Beautycounter scent is Coconut, and my favorite Primally Pure scent is lemongrass! Primally Pure’s charcoal deodorant is also excellent and a huge hit with my husband and teenage son. One additional perk of Beautycounter’s deodorant is that it comes in a sustainable and refillable package. Order your first deodorant, and then you will just purchase the refillable portion in the future.

Beautycounter Charcoal Bar

— I don’t shower every day (it’s actually better for your skin if you don’t! But when I do, I use Beautycounter’s Charcoal Bar on my pits. Made with purifying Japanese binchotan charcoal, antioxidant-rich organic green tea, and hydrating organic coconut oil, this detoxifying cleansing bar absorbs impurities in your skin without drying it out. Make sure to lather up for a solid 30 seconds to get the detox properties working well!

Liquid Chlorophyll

— I literally drink Liquid Chlorophyll all day long, and I have for years. If you’re not familiar with chlorophyll, it is what gives plants their gorgeous green color! So it is found in lots of leafy green vegetables. As for health benefits, it helps support the body’s daily detoxification process, purifies the blood, supports digestion and elimination, and works as a natural deodorizer. I use this one from Nature’s Sunshine — make sure to pick the Extra Strength version because the ingredients are of a higher quality. It has a spearmint flavor, which I actually love! And take it easy at first — because it can very likely turn the contents of your toilet bowl super GREEN.

And just a heads up — when you switch to safer deodorant, there is an adjustment period. Be prepared for changes such as different smells and possibly excess sweating. I know that doesn’t sound awesome, but it doesn’t last long and it’s just your body’s way of detoxing from the previous formulations that may have contained toxic ingredients. Stick with it!

You guys, this is an important one. I know it may seem like ONE MORE THING to do, but the toxins in all these personal care products add up and affect us over time. It may take years for hormone imbalances and other struggles to make themselves known, but what we do now impacts our futures — and our families as well.

So just make the switch to safer deodorant. It’s worth it.

I’m Amanda! 

I’m a Pilates & Barre Master Trainer, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Executive Director with Beautycounter, recently retired military wife, and mother of two very energetic boys.

I’ve given up the unrealistic notion of being awesome at everything and embraced the idea of just keeping the important stuff well balanced.

My life is not nearly as cool as my Pinterest boards, you guys. But I do try to live a healthy life and make better choices for my family. If you have any interest in doing the same, please stick around!