Safer Beauty Products

5 Products to Kickstart a Healthier Life

The beginning of a new year sounds like the perfect time to “kickstart” something, doesn’t it? I mean, I COULD go on a kickstarting soapbox over here (think kickstart new hobbies, a new workout, personal development) but let’s start simple: skincare and beauty products. Stuff you use EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. The products that go ON—and…

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Healthy fats

How to Nourish Your Skin in the Winter

It might surprise you, but I love winter. After spending the first 40 years of my life in mostly hot and humid weather, I finally moved to a place where I could actually wear all the cute coats I have accumulated over the years. No seriously, I have an absurd amount of coats … I’m…

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clean deodorant - Beautycounter Clean Deo

Making the Switch to Safer Deodorant

You know what’s funny? Switching to safer deodorant was the very first safer product swap I ever made. I think I read something about the dangers of antiperspirants and aluminum, so I started using a natural deodorant. Now did it do the job? Not really. But I kinda gave up on finding a natural deodorant…

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