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The #1 Secret to Healthy Hair

Well, now that I have your attention….

I hate to break it to you, but there’s no secret to having healthy hair. It’s giving your body what it needs and getting rid of what it doesn’t need. And trust me, I get it. I know this is an important topic. Good hair days are literally everything. Am I right? Give me a good hair day and I walk with a swing in my hips and an internal soundtrack of Beyonce playing in my head.

The Secret to Healthy Hair

To be honest, I get more complements from strangers on the internet about my hair than anything else. And that always surprises me because I am not all that impressed by my brown locks. Probably because I know all the damage I have done to it over the years, sigh.

When I was a kid, I had crazy long hair that was thick and shiny. But then I spent a good decade of my life avoiding fat like the plague, and it changed dramatically. From the ages of 18 to 28, I did everything I could to deprive myself of any and all dietary fat. If I could just get back all the money I spent on Snackwell’s Fat Free Devils Food Cookies! Then add in two full term pregnancies and seven miscarriages, and my hair took a huge hit from all the hormonal imbalances and postpartum readjustments.

Thin, dull, lifeless, brittle, and coming out in clumps. Raise your hand if you’ve ever wondered how you still have hair on your head with all the hair you clean up in your bathroom???

Unfortunately, good hair days can be hard to come by for a lot of reasons. Hormonal health, stress, adrenal fatigue, excess hormones in our animal protein products, and even toxins in our hair and beauty products can contribute to estrogen dominance — and this can result in hair loss, change in hair texture, dullness, dry or oily hair, and even hormonal acne. (The big cystic acne that feel like painful lumps and last forever … the worst!)

All that to say, you can be using the best and most expensive hair care products on the market — but if you do not get to the root of the problem (pun TOTALLY intended), the health of your hair will never truly improve.

When it comes to hair health, it’s a lot like skin health. We need to address diet, stress, and hormone balance first. Let’s focus on nourishing our bodies, allowing optimal function and balance. Then make sure to use safer products which are free from toxic chemicals that contribute to both hormone balance and poor hair health.

Nourish Your Hair From the Inside Out!

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Collagen is one of the few supplements I recommend to all of my clients. This amino acid does lots of wonderful things in the body, but it is a must have for healthy hair, skin and joints! In fact, stronger nails and hair growth are the first benefits I see when I am consistently taking collagen peptides. I mix a scoop into my morning coffee, as it can be mixed into hot or cold beverages with no taste or change in consistency. I promise! To read more about the benefits of collagen peptides and how to incorporate them into your daily diet, please click here to read my blog post:  5 Ways to Incorporate Collagen Peptides into Your Diet If you want to skip straight to the collagen peptides I use and recommend, please click here.

Eat adequate amounts of high quality fats

Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are necessary for the maintenance of normal hair growth, so that is why my years of living the fat-free life wreaked havoc on my hair. Proper nutrition is imperative for healthy hair — when we do not get adequate nutrients, the hairs we lose regularly on a daily basis are not replaced easily. We need EFAs to promote hair growth and contribute to that shiny luster we all want. Omega 3 fatty acids specifically have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to open the hair follicles, promoting healthy hair growth. Proper amounts of Omega 3’s also prevent dry and itchy scalps. I personally recommend this Omega 3 supplement.


Zinc is a trace mineral essential for many processes in the body, but it plays a really important role in hair health. Zinc helps build healthy cells, balance hormones, and absorb nutrients in the body — but a common sign of zinc deficiency is hair loss. Boo! Since zinc is not easily absorbable, I recommend this one.

My Favorite Safer Hair Care Products!

Beautycounter’s Hair Care Line

Kinda like deodorant, I had given up on finding truly safe hair care products. But then I tried Beautycounter’s Daily Shampoo and Conditioner … and I realized I was wrong! These are truly fabulous and lather just like your traditional hair products, unlike many of the “natural” shampoos on the market. I have a lot of hair but it’s very fine and crazy susceptible to frizz — and these products really do the trick. Shiny hair with lots of volume, how exciting! But I do have two recommendations that will totally change your natural shampoo game — first make sure your hair is completely saturated before washing, and then implement the DOUBLE WASH! That’s right, wash it twice. Also make sure to use LESS product than you are used to using with conventional shampoos and conditioners — a little goes a long way! Click here to check out Beautycounter’s hair products!

Goop G. Tox Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub Shampoo

While build up is normal, it’s still yucky and really annoying. We all know that feeling when your hair just doesn’t feel clean … it feely gunky. There’s no other word for it (and I don’t even know if that’s actually a word). I recently added this product to my regular lineup and it has been a total game changer in regards to getting rid of build up. Just use this Goop G. Tox Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub Shampoo about every 3rd or 4th wash to give you really clean and silky hair. One jar lasts forever! Just click here to get your hands on this shampoo!

Primally Pure Texturizing Dry Shampoo

This stuff is a total game changer for me! I used to really dislike dry shampoo, mostly because I knew a lot of them were filled with a bunch of junk (like butane gas, ugh). And the natural ones I tried just looked like I poured baby powder on my very brown hair. Enter Primally Pure’s Dry Shampoo with an option for darker locks — it has cocoa powder in it! I feel like that alone makes me happy. Seriously, though, this stuff works. I sprinkle it on my scalp, make sure to rub it in, then flip my head over and blast the roots with my hair dryer. Or sprinkle some directly onto your brush and gently comb it through your hair to distribute it from root to tip. Voila! Instantly refreshed hair that will give me at least one more day without washing. And, it’s safer. Check out Primally Pure’s dry shampoo here!

Inner Peace Whipped Cream Hair Texturizer

I love this hair texturizer for texture and volume. So many of the hair styling products are made with really disturbing things, such as petroleum and parabens. I love that this one has quality ingredients which not only help your hair maintain its style but also protect it from heat, sun damage, and other environmental stressors. And this hair paste is PERFECT for the men and boys in your life who want that “messy and unstyled” look that 100 percent totally requires product to make happen. Get Inner Peace Whipped Cream Hair Texturizer here!

The Secret to Healthy Hair

Other than that, I try to be as kind as possible to my hair by only washing it 2-3x per week, not using scalding hot water in the shower, using a wide tooth comb when it’s wet, and using the low heat setting on the hair dryer. But honestly, my diet and hair care products make a much bigger difference.

So what’s the big secret? Be kind to your body and it will reciprocate that kindness with healthy and beautiful hair. That’s it, y’all. Pretty sure we learned that lesson in kindergarten. #dountoothers


I’m Amanda! 

I’m a Pilates & Barre Master Trainer, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Executive Director with Beautycounter, recently retired military wife, and mother of two very energetic boys.

I’ve given up the unrealistic notion of being awesome at everything and embraced the idea of just keeping the important stuff well balanced.

My life is not nearly as cool as my Pinterest boards, you guys. But I do try to live a healthy life and make better choices for my family. If you have any interest in doing the same, please stick around!