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Green Juice vs. Green Smoothie: What’s the Difference?

Ever wondered the difference between a green juice and a green smoothie? 

I mean, they’re both amazing real food, nutrient-dense options. But they’re totally different.

So how do you tell the difference?

green juice vs. green smoothie

Green Juice vs. Green Smoothie

Let’s keep it simple while we learn the basics, then we can dive in a bit further.

Juicing is when the liquid is extracted from vegetables and fruit. That means that the fiber and solids (like pulp and seeds) are completely removed. They are thinner and resemble a traditional juice. And you pretty much need a juicer to get the job done.

Smoothies have all the pieces and parts of fruits and veggies, unless you remove them before throwing them in a powerful blender. So you get all the fiber along with the liquid, and it ends up having more texture. Definitely thick and usually served with a straw.

What are the different health benefits?

Green Juices

Green Juice

One of the coolest things about green juices is they do not require your digestive system to kick in, which means you save energy and your body can get those nutrients faster. Your body gets a direct shot of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and enzymes.

This is especially helpful if you suffer from any digestive disorders or if you have been overloading your belly with lots of big meals (hello, vacation and holiday eating!) … or if your body is trying to heal from an illness.

Juices are also known to help clear the skin since the nutrients do not need to go through the digestive process for assimilation.

Reminder that if you are a green juice lover, you are going to want to invest in a juicer. One, it’s the only way to make high quality juices and two, buying them at the local natural grocery gets crazy expensive.

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Green Smoothies

Green Smoothie

When it comes to green smoothies, the big difference is fiber which is found naturally in fruits and vegetables. And because of that, the digestive system has to do its part to break it down and allow the body to absorb and utilize the nutrients.

Since there is so much fiber to be processed through digestion, this can be a good option for anyone concerned with blood sugar stabilization. It typically prevents any major blood sugar spikes.

And fiber plays another important role — it helps your digestive system and plays a huge role in eliminating excess junk, toxins, and hormones from the body.

One extra bonus about smoothies is you can add in other items that you can’t juice, such as avocados, nut butters, protein powders, etc. I usually add collagen peptides and gut healing powder to mine.

Lastly, if you are going to be making green smoothies at home on a regular basis, you’re going to want to bite the bullet and buy a powerful blender. The difference in quality is truly worth it! I cannot live without my fancy blender (dramatic but true).

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Helpful Tips:

  • Use more veggies than fruits, about a 2:1 ratio. This keeps the amount of sugar in check and prevents it from turning into a dessert!
  • Sneak in a few things that you don’t love but want to get into your diet. For me, that’s stuff like kale, greens powder, and a supplement for gut healing. I think those taste gross but I don’t even notice them in a smoothie. I can even stir them into green juices undetected!
  • You really, really want to drink these when they are COLD. Lukewarm green juices and smoothies are not as good.
  • Berries are oh so delicious in a smoothie, but they turn the entire thing a really unappetizing brown color. You definitely won’t want to drink it out of a clear glass.


Green juices and green smoothies are both awesome and highly beneficial. Just know the difference and incorporate them into your daily life appropriately. 

I find that green smoothies work better for me at home, and I can throw the kitchen sink into the blender for those days when I really need to get in a variety of fresh fruits and veggies plus supplements. Also, the fiber is incredibly important for my hormonal balance. As a middle aged woman, I’ll take all the help I can get!

But I love green juices when I’m on the go and need a healthy boost of energy without the crash of coffee or caffeine. Not to mention they are absolutely delicious! And if you have to time to juice at home, you can’t beat it.


It may take you a hot minute to find the combo of flavors you truly enjoy. I used to be the person who turned up her nose at any and all green drinks, and now I crave them. Sometimes I don’t even recognize myself anymore! But I found that sweet spot of tangy and tart with a bit of sweet, and I’m in love. So keep searching till you find the ones that work for you.

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