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Roasted Rainbow Root Vegetables


Roasted Rainbow Root Vegetables

So first of all, it's kind of ridiculous to call this a "recipe" ... it's way too easy to be classified as such. Now that we have that out of the way, let's get serious. I have a confession to make. Here we go. The first time I ever tried brussel sprouts was about 18 months ago. When I was 39 years old. I know. It's SO wrong. We were living in Alabama and our Aunt Dallas made these roasted veggies for us. (She's not really our aunt ... she was my labor and delivery nurse when I gave birth to my first son. And she's been a part of our family ever since. It's totally weird. But that's another blog post.) Anyway, she made these and I was totally convinced they were going to be all kinds of nasty. Because HELLO, brussel sprouts. Yuck. Fast forward to now -- we live in Alaska and I make these EVERY WEEK with extra brussel sprouts. It's easily our favorite side dish. Sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts are always part of the mix, but I also add parsnips, carrots, or beets when I have them on hand. I definitely prefer golden beets since the regular kind cause my kitchen to look like a murder scene. I always make a ridiculously huge batch thinking they will be great for leftovers. But my 11-year-old eats at least three servings every time so that's a total bust. I'm not complaining, though ... what a great problem! This is such an easy way to be all healthy and paleo and "eat the rainbow" or whatever other food hashtag is popular on Instagram these days. Mix or serve with your meat of choice (that's an Aidells chicken apple sausage in the pic above), throw a couple of fried eggs on top, or just eat them straight out of the pan with your fingers. It's a hashtag compliant kind of dish, y'all. #paleo #eattherainbow #wholefood #realfood #veggies #whole30 #healthy #cleaneating #nomnomnom #hashtagsarepainful *DISCLAIMER -- I am not, nor will I ever be or claim to be, a recipe creator. I just like to find yummy stuff that's easy to make and share it with you guys.
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  • Large roasting pan
  • Vegetables of choice sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, parsnips, beets, carrots, etc.
  • Oil of choice I use olive oil or avocado oil
  • Raw honey Skip for Whole30 or RESTART
  • Sea salt
  • Cracked pepper


  • Chop up all your veggies and mix them around in the roasting pan. Take a picture because it's super colorful and then pat yourself on the back for being so healthy.
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  • Drizzle olive oil and raw honey generously over veggies and toss well. (Even my very Type A self does not measure ... but I'm going to guess 2-3 tablespoons for a 9x11 pan)
  • Grind sea salt and pepper generously over coated veggies. Stir again.
  • Pop in the oven for 40-45 minutes at 400 degrees. Set your timer so you can mix well about halfway through cooking time.
  • That's it, you guys. You are so healthy and paleo and killing this real food living thing with your roasted rainbow root vegetables.
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